Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo Donation

Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo has been successfully using Celestial Teapot Designs' Messier Observer's Planispheres for outreach.

Celestial Teapot Designs would like to support Pranvera Hyseni of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo with a donation of 100 Messier Observer’s Planispheres. While we are more than happy to fully donate 100 planispheres at no cost, we need help in covering the shipping cost that totals about $500.  A few months ago Pranvera sent me this message, “Here is us "Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo" using planispheres during the night time. We love to teach the kids how to use these....and they are very useful. This pic is from our last astro camp in Boga mountains. It was so awesome to have something like that to use. Of course, now we are 93 members and I would love to have more for our team. Thank you so much. I hope to meet you in person soon at Texas Star Party.”

Messier Planispheres normally retail for $29.95 plus shipping. But, for a limited time you can sponsor planispheres for Kosovo for only $10 each.  Your donation covers the cost of shipping, Celestial Teapot Designs will take care of the rest.  Any donations in excess of our $500 goal will be used to ship additional planispheres.

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